One of the reasons for the successes we experience with our pupils at Highgate Hill House Special Needs School is our high staff to pupil ratio. If you take a tour of our school and peek in any of the classrooms, you will see multiple Teaching Assistants (or Learning Support Assistants as we call them) supporting each group with their learning, in addition to the Teacher.

Each child has an assigned ‘keyworker’ who will work with them whenever possible, helping them to build a strong relationship and deep understanding of their individual needs.

It’s a varied job – our LSAs assist our teaching staff by helping to create a personalised learning experience, using a variety of strategies to help pupils achieve their learning goals. Our LSAs also build a close rapport with our parents and carers, this allows us to design a learning approach that is agreed, shared and owned by us all, both inside and outside school.

Our LSAs support our pupils by providing individualised support, enabling them to engage with learning opportunities and interact with their peers, plus helping to manage behaviour. Some of our children need additional support with their reading and writing, so our LSAs might need to act as a reader or scribe.

Because of the individual attention that we are able to afford our children, if a child has a particular interest or hobby, our LSAs consistently go above and beyond to try and weave that interest into their lessons to increase engagement.

Preparing, maintaining and using equipment and resources is all part of their role too, plus supporting the role of ICT in lessons.

In some instances, where a child has been out of school for some time due to high levels of anxiety, our LSAs may even visit the child at home before they begin their transition into school. They can help to introduce the child to school staff, the building and start them engaging with learning, therefore making school seem a little less daunting.

Above all, our LSAs are resilient, patient and determined. We try to match personality types wherever possible to facilitate lasting relationships.

All of our pupils have Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and like all children they need and deserve a stable, consistent, warm, caring and supportive learning environment so that they can flourish and reach their full potential – our LSAs are instrumental in making this happen.

At Highgate Hill House School we provide the support and reassurance that will ensure you and your child feel nurtured at every stage from your very first contact with us. Please call 01288 341998 or email us at