P5e, or Passion5Excellence, was established to provide review services to institutions within the UK education sector. With a team of experts on hand to offer advice and resources, P5e reviews can result in a complete turnaround for underperforming schools and colleges and improve services across the board.

P5e was founded by the British entrepreneur and educator Sir Peter Birkett, who has spent more than three decades working in leadership roles within the education sector and has a strong track record for implementing recovery plans.

You can learn more about the background of Sir Peter Birkett in the PDF attachment to this post.

Preventative Services

The reviews offered by P5e can be used as a preventative service by schools and colleges that are currently performing well. A root and branch review of all critical areas of an organisation can help identify those areas where improvements can be made to boost success, and provide a more comprehensive programme for students and educators.

Turnaround Services

Schools and colleges that are not performing at the top of their game can benefit from the turnaround services provided by P5e. These are tailored to meet the individual needs of each establishment.

They may include implementing a new interim or permanent leadership plan, developing a comprehensive turnaround strategy, creating a more positive working culture within the school, devising a new mission and vision for the school, and developing a new system for performance management based on identified KPIs.

The embedded short video explains the concept of KPIs and how they work in an educational context.

Working with Investors

Alongside performance review services, P5e also works closely with independent, fee-paying schools and a wide range of investors to help develop new income streams and new partnerships. This may include helping to find appointments for key roles within each school, including teachers, headteachers and principals. P5e works with both domestic and international investors.

Creating and Converting

P5e has expertise in creating new educational establishments and in converting existing institutions, including conversion to academy status. The team can assist with establishing multi-academy trusts, setting up school studios or free schools, developing marketing strategies, and creating or joining school groups or school federations.

The infographic attachment looks at the top five best-performing secondary schools in the UK today, based on GCSE results.