Passion5Excellence, often abbreviated to p5e, was founded by Sir Peter Birkett in 2014. The organisation works to assist failing secondary schools and other struggling educational establishments, working on a consultancy basis to take them to the top of league tables. The PDF attachment helps to explain how school league tables are evaluated.

The educational experience of Sir Peter Birkett includes roles as a college principal, CEO of GEMS Education, and founder of Highgate Hill House School (a special needs school on the borders of Devon and Cornwall), prior to the establishment of P5e. The services of p5e can be classified into five stages: prevent, fix, create, change, and find.


P5e works with educational establishments to review all critical areas of the organisation at a root and branch level. This facilitates identification of any areas where challenges may arise and outlines both the strengths and weaknesses of the institution. A plan can then be put in place to implement the changes necessary to prevent issues from arising.


One of the key specialisations of p5e is helping under-performing educational institutions turn things around and achieve academic success. P5e has a proven track record of taking secondary schools that are languishing at the bottom of league tables and working in partnership to take them to the top. The organisation has also taken a Further Education college and helped it achieve number one status in the UK. P5e not only facilitates academic achievement within failing schools, but also works to create high profits from deficit budgets and significant reserves.


P5e has been instrumental in the creation of the first further education college-led academy federation in the UK. This involved creating a free school, four new academies, the first studio school in the UK, and a law and accountancy academy for 14 to 18-year olds.

P5e can also assist with developing new income streams and partnerships, as well as business planning and marketing strategies.


The experience and knowledge of the p5e team extends beyond individual institutions, encompassing all the best education and relevant business practices from a comprehensive range of sources. This expertise can be used to develop unique concepts for each individual organisation, using entrepreneurial thinking to implement strategies and initiatives and give clients the edge over their competitors.


The team at p5e has much experience in helping investors and schools develop the right partnerships for mutual benefit. This includes matching investors with the right independent schools to generate profits for both parties, as well as developing new income streams and partnerships and appointing the right people into leadership roles within educational establishments.

Turnaround Plans

Part of the service offered by p5e includes a dedicated and tailored ‘turnaround plan’ for each client, based on a thorough assessment report. This plan helps schools and other educational institutions discover areas of weakness and potential challenges, before creating and implementing a strategy to overcome them. This includes a full financial audit with suggestions on how to manage finances effectively to make the necessary changes while maintaining financial health.

In the infographic attachment, you can see some of the achievements and awards of p5e founder Sir Peter Birkett.