Fountain Head House School is an autism-friendly school delivering high-quality, personalised education plans to children with special educational needs, focusing on those with Education and Health Care (EHC) plans. Some statistics for children in the UK with EHC plans in 2020 are laid out in the embedded infographic.

Sir Peter Birkett is the founder of Fountain Head House School, coming from a long background of working with children with special educational needs.

Personalised Learning Opportunities

The curriculum at Fountain Head House School is based on the provision of personalised learning opportunities, creating tailored learning plans for each child that benefit their individual circumstances. This helps each child to grow and progress, working with the right methods and resources for their needs.

Fountain Head House School provides a rounded education with a strong focus on child development and specialist programs for SEN children. A definition of SEN can be seen in the short video within this post.


All children admitted to Fountain Head House School will have an EHCP, with each admission being carefully reviewed in light of those EHCPs to ensure the school will be able to provide a high quality level of education and support based on the individual needs of each pupil.

The PDF attachment explains in more detail the types of therapeutic interventions that form part of the curriculum.

Learning Facilities

Fountain Head House Schools boasts a vast portfolio of learning facilities to support its work within the curriculum. These include indoor spaces such as a science laboratory, sports hall, art room, ICT suite, refectory and Learning Resources Centre, as well as a fully equipped kitchen where children can learn valuable life skills while enjoying social and community time.

Outdoors, the school is set on a large campus and strategically sited to have close access to a range of landscapes, such as beaches, forests and moorlands, facilitating both core curriculum learning and exciting adventure activities.

Adapted Curriculum

Pupils at Fountain Head House School follow an adapted version of the UK National Curriculum, altered to provide a balance of core subjects and specialist programmes to cater for the needs of each child attending the school.

Phonics and numeracy intervention programmes run alongside outdoor activity sessions and other wraparound extra-curricular activities designed to promote social skills, confidence and communication.