Arbor MIS is a cloud-based platform that has already been implemented in over 1,300 schools and multi-academy trusts in the UK, created to take the work out of routine administration tasks to free up teachers and other staff.

As an intuitive management information system, Arbor MIS is people-friendly and designed to create a joined-up system within schools that connects people and brings all systems together in one place. A definition of a management information system can be found in the short video attachment.

Arbor is today’s fastest-growing MIS with a measured impact on important metrics, identifying areas where investment in technology saves valuable staff time while offering greater insight into all relevant data.

Sir Peter Birkett, founder of Highgate Hill House School and a recognised expert in the education sector, is an ambassador of Arbor. Sir Peter is now working to bring together Arbor MIS with Impact Education Software’s SENDit software, which is designed specifically to meet the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities and their teachers and mentors. The embedded PDF contains more details about SENDit.

Improving Learning Outcomes

A priority of Arbor MIS is the improvement of learning outcomes for each child in the UK. The platform facilitates data collection that can be analysed to identify areas where changes need to be made.

Arbor also gives back hours every week in teaching and mentoring time by removing much of the time required to complete mundane admin tasks. This ensures each student has more one on one time with their teachers and that educators are in a position to devote more time to teaching rather than paperwork.

The Arbor MIS platform has been implemented at schools across the UK, including almost a thousand primary schools and hundreds of secondary schools and special educational needs schools.  The infographic attachment looks at Arbor MIS in figures.

Moving to Arbor

The Arbor platform is designed to make the lives of everyone working in a school easier and improve outcomes for every pupil. The Arbor team is therefore ready to customise the system to best suit the individual requirements of each establishment.

Every school working with the software has a dedicated Account Manager and an experienced support team to ensure long-term success. Staff training and support in using the platform is included and the migration of data from old platforms is overseen by an experienced Project Manager.