The Independent Schools Association (ISA) works with and represents independent schools across the UK, providing advice and information to its members and supporting them in areas such as inspection, the curriculum, HR and legal.

How ISA Can Help Its Members

As well as providing guidance and information to its member schools, ISA also works to support regional, national and international networks of independent schools and provides opportunities for students to participate in competitions at world-class venues in the subjects of sport, drama and the arts.

Furthermore, ISA organizes conferences and professional development courses for its members and provides access to resources and member services.

ISA members such as Sir Peter Birkett, the founder of Fountain Head House School, also influence debates on education on behalf of independent schools, advocating for choice and independence.

Partnerships With State Schools

Contributing to the local community is a fundamental part of the overarching ethos of ISA and, as part of this, regular partnerships with local charities and state schools are arranged.

This partnering is an opportunity for collaborative learning and a sharing of experience and best practice; facilities are shared between linked schools too, with the aim being to deliver benefits to the children in both establishments. Take a look at the embedded PDF for more information about other ways in which ISA works with maintained schools.

Promoting social mobility is another key concern of ISA, and to this end several of its member schools offer means-tested bursaries.

ISA is a part of the Independent-State School Partnership Scheme, which is sponsored by the Department for Education. The scheme is chaired by Deborah Leek-Bailey OBE, who is ISA’s Vice-President.

Charity Work Undertaken by ISA

ISA regularly undertakes charity work; member schools from across the UK raised money for a variety of causes over the festive period. A Christmas Jumper Day held at Derby Grammar School raised £263 for Royal Derby Hospital’s Children’s Ward, while the young musicians of Stafford Grammar School played to customers at local supermarkets to raise funds for the Katherine House Hospice. Meanwhile, the students at Westbourne School in Penarth, Wales took part in ‘The Big Wrap’ to gift items to those most in need.

ISA schools are involved in frequent practical and fundraising work throughout the year, both in the UK and overseas.