Many people assume that independent schools inhabit sprawling estates full of children from rich families. However, the misconceptions surrounding independent schools are often based on outdated stereotypes.

Independent schools are predominately attended by day pupils, and there is a high level of socio-economic diversity at these schools. Children are commonly helped with their fees, so even if they do come from lower-income families they will still get the same access to education as their more affluent peers.

Going to a school that’s part of the Independent School Council (ISC) means getting a high-quality education and learning in an environment that facilitates every pupil’s learning.

Here are some of the benefits students get when learning at an ISC school:

Educational Excellence

Independent schools are known for the high quality of teaching they provide to all students. ISC schools have particular expertise in STEM subjects, which are crucial to future productivity.

Access to Bursaries

Children from any background can enjoy the benefits of learning at an independent school. According to the ISC Consensus 2021, independent schools across the country provided £455 million in means-tested bursaries and scholarships.

Not only does this provide more children with the chance to study at their chosen education institutions, but it’s also a figure that’s rising – up 3.4% compared to the 2020 figures.

Innovative Education

Independent schools are focused on delivering world-class education to students and leading the way to make changes and reforms in education for everyone.

The recent reforms that changed the way A-levels and GCSEs are taken across the UK were based on the qualifications that were taken at independent schools at the time.

Many public-school systems have adopted the structures and traditions of independent schools to improve pupils’ education.

Learning in a Valuable Sector

Members of the ISC, like Sir Peter Birkett, work hard to ensure that all pupils at independent schools are getting the very best education possible – just like they deserve.

The independent school sector contributes £1 billion annually to education exports. This has made it respected around the world, which is why so many overseas companies are starting to relocate families to the UK.