Sir Peter Birkett was welcomed as a new ambassador for SENDit in January 2021. The founder of Highgate Hill House School will be working in partnership with SENDit along with the SENCO team at the school to enable tracking of SEN provision that can be adapted as children develop.

Sir Peter Birkett has a long history of working within special needs education in the UK and was honoured by the Queen in 2012 with a knighthood for his services to education.

Impact Education Software

Impact Education Software was founded as a software technology company in 2018. SENDit was launched six months later, helping to give back valuable time to teachers and SENCOs across the UK.

The Impact Education Software team is made up of people with a shared background in cybersecurity, education and government innovation projects, working together to deliver a digital solution that addresses the complexities of processes, systems and business proposals for SEND.

The focus of the organisation is to empower teachers and learning staff to plan strategically using intuitive, usable quality software that will help create high-impact, cost-effective educational provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

SENDit: A Complete Package Solution

With SENDit, Impact Education Software has developed a comprehensive package designed specifically to meet the needs of educational providers working with children with special educational needs and disabilities. SENDit software is a complete package solution that has already been embedded in schools across the UK, supported by a responsive team working to meet the changing needs of clients and adapt the digital solution as and when required.

Each license for SENDit includes a four-week trial free of charge, allowing users to learn the software and discover how it can meet their needs before making a financial commitment. All updates and integrations are included in the price with no hidden charges.

Helping SEN Teachers and SENCOs

The SENDit software package has been shown to save an average of 40 hours or more per month in each school it has been implemented in. This represents valuable time that can be spent working with students one on one or developing other resources. Information is stored securely but can easily be shared with other stakeholders and carers, including specialists and parents.